Slot Overview, 10x Rewind

The 1985 cult classic Back to the Future, directed by Robert Zemeckis, left off on an ominous note with the words “Roads?” We won’t need roads to get to our destination. Audiences had to wait four years and a new Jennifer for the sequel to find out what became of Marty’s offspring in the future. In 2021, inventive slot developer 4ThePlayer released 10x Rewind. Not only does 10x Rewind take a cue from the same catchphrase—”roads are unnecessary”—but it also uses time travel to its own advantage.

You won’t need plutonium as Marty McFly did, but the vista that welcomes gamers has an atomic glow. It takes some getting used to, but 10x Rewind is a 6-reel, 4-row slot machine with 4,096 chances to win. This is partly attributable to 4ThePlayer’s polarizing aesthetic choices. The studio went all out retro and designed a time traveler traveling at the speed of light through a crimson nebula, with a grid filled in random symbols from different eras. The images, which may also require some getting used to, are accompanied by a futuristic dance soundtrack. Some slots are designed for a wide audience, while others cater to a narrower audience. Even while 10x Rewind’s visuals may be a bit too much to bear, the game’s feature chicanery is worth sticking around for.

We can get the whole range of game information from 4ThePLayer, so let’s dissect some of it. One reason why going back in time with 10x Rewind can be a roller coaster ride is because of its high volatility and large potential rewards. Wins occur approximately once every 3.9 spins, or a hit frequency of 25.64%, making the RTP of 96.47% seem even more lucrative. Aspiring Docs may play 10x Rewind on any device, with wagers ranging from 10 percent to twenty pounds or euros every spin. If you’re playing on a mobile device, you may switch to the game’s Big Reel Portrait Mode, which rotates the grid clockwise from the top down and switches the panel orientation to a 4-reel, 6-row configuration.

Now let’s have a look at the payout schedule. The standard symbols have been divided into two groups; each feature well-known historical figures. A T-Rex, a Viking ship, a train, a flying sports car, a pyramid, and a Greco-Roman temple all make up the first lot. To win up to 4 times your bet, players must line up at least three identical symbols from this set in a row. The gladiator fight, the knight’s joust, the gunslinger of the Wild West, and the moon landing are all high-paying icons. If you get six premium symbols in a winning combination, you’ll receive a payout of four to six times your wager.

The wild sign is the final symbol before we get to the extras. The time traveler design on this one makes it impossible to overlook. She has flaming pink hair and wears futuristic attire, so you know she’s from the future. The purpose of the wild is to substitute for other pay symbols when possible.

Slot Features with a 10x Rewind

The concept of time travel serves as the backbone of 10x Rewind. The Rewind Time Win Spins bonus game is activated by getting three Win Spin scatter symbols anywhere on reels 1, 3, and 6. The player can earn 5, 7, or 10 more spins by selecting one of the scatters that set off the bonus round.

What follows is a little out of the ordinary. If any winnings happened during those prior spins, the game will replay them for you at your original bet size. Don’t give up if the last round of spins didn’t provide any results. In this instance, the feature’s successes will be generated at random.

However, the possibility exists that your previous victories will be amplified by three modifiers, so you’re not just replaying time. When a scatter symbol appears, these bonuses activate, increasing the number of winning spins, the amount won immediately, or the multiplier. When this bonus is activated, players are guaranteed at least 5 winning spins, and the multiplier increases without restriction.

Instant Replay: Slot’s Final Say

Someone famous once said, “If you could live your life over again, and you wouldn’t change a thing, then you’ve already lived the perfect life.” I doubt there are many individuals who wouldn’t like to go back in time and change anything they did. They may reach out to a crush from high school, switch their academic focus at college, or devote more time to their family. Players receive a little taste of history-altering power thanks to 4ThePlayer’s creative team. Intriguing and novel best describe this idea.

The game proceeds normally if you did not collect any winnings from the preceding spins before the feature triggered. The progressive multiplier is the secret to getting the most out of your spins, and it’s sort of fun to watch those old spins get a boost. These may also be highly lucrative, with potential returns of up to 20,000 times the wager. While 10x Rewind’s impressive statistics and novel function are undeniable, the game’s visual appeal may prove to be the determining factor for some. The overall look and feel is very 1980s/90s Bill and Ted, which fits with the time travel theme but is rather gaudy and may turn off some potential buyers. Still, there are many who see beauty in the fluro explosion and the assortment of symbols that share little but a common place in Earth’s history.

If you’re looking for a possibly bodacious new feature to play around with, check out 10x Rewind’s Win Spins; they aren’t so advanced as to produce a temporal paradox and wipe players from existence, but they are fascinating and worth checking out.

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