Progress Report IV (December 2016)

The MPF Progress Report provides information and updates on the fund’s performance and results on a semi-annual basis. The content of the report will continue to evolve with the portfolio. This report is structured around six sections.
• MPF Basics: in this chapter, the MPF is presented from an operational perspective, highlighting the basic principles of the MPF, the portfolio’s contextual relevance and its alignment with national
• Portfolio Progress: Portfolio Progress and its subsequent challenges are presented in this chapter, including certain portfolio indicators, and performance and risk ratings.
• Financial Update: The Financial Update section provides a transparent financial overview for the fund, along with a breakdown of disbursements, donor commitments and subsequent contributions.
• Monitoring Framework: The MPF Monitoring Framework showcases country-level outcomes, portfolio results and the fund’s performance indicators. 
• Communications: The Communications chapter highlights activities undertaken by the World Bank and its government counterparts in Somalia to engage key stakeholders and inform interested parties about portfolio activities.
• Project Updates: Project Updates provide narrative updates for the projects in the MPF portfolio.