Progress Report II- October 2015

The Multi Partner Fund (MPF) provides a platform for coordinated financing for sustainable reconstruction and development in Somalia. Administered by the World Bank, the 10-year MPF operates as a window within the Somalia Development and Reconstruction Facility (SDRF), the framework guiding implementation of the Somali Compact.

In its first year of operation, the MPF has made strides in operationalizing newly designed projects in line with the Somali Compact in partnership with government counterparts.

  • 12 project concepts have been endorsed by the SDRF Plenary Steering Committee.
  • 10 concepts have been developed into full-fledged projects and approved by the SDRF Executive Steering Committee.
  • Eight donors have committed US$ 183.5 million, of which US$ 87.8 million is paid in.

There have also been a number of foundational milestones for operationalizing the fund and ensuring robust fund management in a highly complex environment.

  • Joint Operations Manual for the SDRF funding windows endorsed (May 2015)
  • MPF Consultative Group for donors has met 15 times between Aug 2014 – Oct 2015
  • Communications Strategy drafted and a communications specialist will start work in Nov 2015.
  • Joint risk management strategy for the SDRF funding windows developed (April 2015)
  • MPF monitoring framework established