Sector Context: In response to the Somali Compact (P. 8): Priority 1: Enhance the productivity of high priority sectors and related value chains, including through the rehabilitation and expansion of critical infrastructure for transport, market access, trade, and energy, the World Bank has developed a Somalia Power Sector Development support program to provide building blocks for larger investments by public and private sectors.

Timeframe 2015-18

Financials Appraised Value: US$ 1.55 m

Components The Somalia Power Sector Development support work comprises three small investments (components) which provide building blocks for larger investments by public and private sectors. The follow on component will be expected to include investment projects for the 3 identified cities (generation, sub-transmission and distribution), a human resource development plan for the energy sector, further policy development and support to the development of regulations and laws, renewable energy resource mapping (solar), a utility development and improvement program, Lighting Africa Somalia project and an off-grid / mini-grid program.

Component 1: Power Master Plan Development

  • Collect essential data about the sector.
  • Identify needs for rules, laws, regulation and institution building.
  • Identify capacity building and skills’ development needs for the electricity sector.
  • Develop easy to understand plans for the development of electricity supply in the country.

Component 2: Preparing Lighting Africa Somalia project

  • Identify key constraints in launching a Lighting Africa project in Somalia.
  • Identify public and private sector partners.
  • Develop and design Lighting Africa Somalia project

Component 3: Renewable Energy Resource Mapping (Wind)

  • Develop national and regional wind atlases with online database, which can guide public and private investments in wind generation. 

Beneficiaries Residents of Mogadishu, Hargeisa and Garowe

Government Counterparts Ministries responsible for energy. Selected municipal authorities.

Implementation Arrangements Lighting Africa- World Bank Executed

Resource Mapping- World Bank Executed

Power Master Plan- Word Bank Executed on behalf of government

Geographic Coverage All parts of the country will potentially be covered. The Lighting Africa Somalia project will target vulnerable populations such as nomadic groups, IDPs and urban poor. Resource mapping by definition has a national focus. The power Master Plan study will have also have a national focus, but detailed city plans will due to funding constraints be done for 3 or 4 cities only (selection of the 3 cities will be subject to consultation).