Sector Context: This project complements the ongoing Capacity Injection Project (CIP) targeting the Federal Government of Somalia and the Puntland State Government. Civil service reform remains a priority of the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) and has been identified as a key priority in the Somaliland Special Arrangement (SSA). A Public Service Reform Steering Committee is responsible for providing strategic oversight and guidance for the implementation of Somaliland’s Public Service Reform Strategy. The GoSL has requested World Bank support to build the foundation for longer-term civil service reform and institutional development. The project is designed under the Series of Project (SOP) instrument.

Timeframe 2016-2020

Financials Proposed Value: US$ 10 m


Component 1: Strengthening the policies, procedures and systems for civil service management

  • Support to civil service headcount and payroll management
  • Human Resource Management reforms through legal and organizational improvements
  • Pension reform

Component 2 – Strengthening core capacity of targeted ministries

  • Re-organization and change management in targeted ministries
  • Civil Service Talent Management Program
  • Management and common services training and coaching

Component 3- Strengthening policy management and monitoring capabilities at the Center of Government

  • Strengthening policy management capacity in the Ministry of the Presidency and building M&E capacity in MoNPD

Component 4 – Project management and support in delivery

  • Project management and monitoring and evaluation
  • Supporting project implementation through collaborative leadership and result-focused planning and delivery

Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries: government counterparts; Indirect beneficiaries: citizens


Counterparts Main Implementing Agencies: Civil Service Commission (CSC), Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of National Planning and Development and Ministry of Presidency.

Implementation Arrangements Recipient Executed (RE)

Geographic Coverage The project aims to roll-out targeted capacity and organizational reforms in specific Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of Somaliland. As a smaller sub-set but distinct element of the Series of Projects (SOP), this project is designed to address the unique public administration challenges of Somaliland. Within the overall SOP financing mechanism, this project complements the CIP supporting the FGS and Puntland in the first phase and other member states in subsequent phases.

Links to other projects: Complements the Public Sector Capacity Injection Project (CIP) implemented by the Federal Government of Somalia and the Puntland State Government