Sector Context: The Somali Compact recognized capacity development as a key enabler essential for delivering its peacebuilding and state-building priorities. It identified the need for dedicated support to strengthen core government functions, improving civil service management and building capacity at the center of government. To deliver on these priorities, the government decided to establish a Government Flagship Program and requested joint support by the World Bank, UNDP and development partners. In response, the Institutional Capacity Development Program, a joint approach to capacity building in Somalia has been developed. The program is designed to inject capacity, filling urgent, strategic capacity gaps and building the foundation for longer-term civil service reform and institutional development.

Timeframe 2015-18

Financials Appraised Value: US$ 40 m


Component 1: Developing capacity for key cross-cutting government functions

  • Supporting Harmonized and Government-led Capacity Injection in Priority Institutions
  • Providing Specialized Training and Coaching Support for New Recruits and their Teams 

Component 2 – Strengthening the policies and procedures for civil service management

  • Supporting Priority Ministries in re-organization and change management
  • Strengthening Basic Policies for Civil Service Management
  • Civil Service Work Force Management
  • Strengthening the Ethical Foundations of the Civil Service

Component 3 - Strengthening policy management, coordination and monitoring capabilities at the center of government

  • Strengthening Capacity for Aid coordination and Monitoring and Evaluation of the Somali compact
  • Developing Basic Policy Management Capabilities
  • Strengthening Leadership for Change and Delivery

Component 4 – Project management and coordination

  • Program management, coordination, monitoring and reporting

Beneficiaries Direct beneficiaries: government counterparts; Indirect beneficiaries: citizens

Government Counterparts Federal level: Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Civil Service Commission and selected line Ministries.

Puntland: Office of the President, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labor, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Planning, Civil Service Commission and selected line ministries

Implementation Arrangements Recipient Executed (RE)

Project will be complemented by a separate UNDP project using common governance arrangements, harmonized results framework, and based on agreed division of labor.

Geographic Coverage Initial focus on Federal Government and Puntland Government. First in a series of projects.