Progress Report I - March 2015

The MPF Progress Report provides information semi-annually on the fund's performance and results. As the first iteration of MPF reporting, this report describes the steps taken to establish the fund in its first months of operation. Future reports will include greater detail on the progress achieved by individual projects and in crosscutting thematic areas. The report is structured around four sections.

Fund Overview: Section 1 introduces the MPF, providing an overview of the fund and its governance.

Financial Update: Section 2 provides a transparent picture of fund flows – both donor contributions and project  disbursements.

Fund Operationalization: Section 3 describes progress achieved in setting up the fund in its first 6 months of operation.

Monitoring Framework: Section 4 introduces the MPF monitoring framework and lays out the initial indicators that will be used to measure fund results and performance. Where available, data for specific indicators has been provided. This section will evolve significantly as projects become active under the fund.