RCRF Annual Review (photo by Hassan Hirsi)

The Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and its State counterparts are convening for the annual review of the country’s flagship reform project, supported by the World Bank through the Multi-Partner Fund(MPF).

The Second Recurrent Cost and Reform Financing (RCRF) project, which was launched in Nairobi in October 2015, enables the FGS and its regional counterparts to develop credible, sustainable payroll systems for civil servants while at the same time providing a pathway for improving financial systems and processes across the government.

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In its two years of operation, the MPF has made strides in operationalizing newly designed projects in line with the Somali Compact in partnership with government counterparts.

  • 15 project concepts have been endorsed by the SDRF Plenary Steering Committee to be part of the MPF Pipeline.
  • 12 concepts have been developed into full-fledged projects and approved by the SDRF Executive Steering Committee
  • Nine donors have committed $188.9 million, of which US$152.3 million is paid

Find out more about the MPF’s results and performance in the Progress Report.