In this monthly profile series, the Somalia Multi-Partner Fund (MPF) interviews Somalis working with the development projects in the MPF portfolio. Check back monthly for a new profile!

The Recurrent Cost and Reform Financing (RCRF) Project  is an initiative instituted to support the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States to provide credible and sustainable payroll while establishing the foundations for efficient budget execution and payroll systems for non-security sectors. RCRF is recipient executed, meaning that the project is designed and implemented by the client (Federal Government of Somalia/Federal Member States of Somalia).


Shukri Warsame is one of the key actors who implements the RCRF program in Puntland. We sat down with her to talk about how she was introduced to RCRF, her impressions of it and her thoughts on strengthening the public sector in the Puntland State of Somalia.

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In its two years of operation, the MPF has made strides in operationalizing newly designed projects in line with the Somali Compact in partnership with government counterparts.

  • 15 project concepts have been endorsed by the SDRF Plenary Steering Committee to be part of the MPF Pipeline.
  • 12 concepts have been developed into full-fledged projects and approved by the SDRF Executive Steering Committee
  • Nine donors have committed $188.9 million, of which US$152.3 million is paid

Find out more about the MPF’s results and performance in the Progress Report.